Session notes and tutorials

Session 1 – Assembling groups and getting you online with WordPress – don’t forget to bring some images to the next session.

Session 2 . Setting up a local server

Having a local working version of your wordpress site can be very useful as  it means  you can test as much as you like without effecting  your online presence and of course it means you can also work without internet access. It’s really easy to do so I’ll walk you through the process here: Then we’ll look some more at the dashboard.


Notes from Session 3

We want to make it usable and we want to write about on our site too – so each member should find a good and bad example of usability to give you something to talk about in your groups – then you can discuss and publish your findings on your website.


Notes from Session 4

It’s important how you arrange your information on the page so let’s make it informative and easy to read. Emphasise points of interest and guide your users through your pages.


Notes from Session 5

Look at Camtasia ,  Ableton Live  and Push Interface Video

Camtasia is the programme you will use to make your walk through video which means you will all end up with a portfolio piece so make a good job of this – the software is very easy to operate.

Ableton Live is the programme you will record your voice over into. Ableton is a very comprehensive piece of kit with lots of advanced features but in tis module we’ll be keeping it really simple as you have already discovered so nothing to worry about here.

Push is an interface into Ableton experiment with it in Room 309 see how the experience is different to working with a computer keyboard even with the same data.

Notes from Session 6

This was the induction to the Sound Studio Room 309 SQUIRES – you can get the key from the TRC.

  1. How to use Ableton Live to record voice overs – it’s easy really as many of you have already seen :)
  2. look at the toys to play/experiment – we have keyboards, Push interfaces, a drum kit  and more – have fun (and write down anything you discover).