Sound In Film [audiation]

There are three basic requirements for sound to exist in the physical world.

  1.  a sound source e.g a scream, a gunshot, a thunderclap to generate energy.
  2. it must be transmitted through the air
  3. a receiver e.g the human ear to interpret the energy and make sense of it within a particular context.

When applied to Film

  1. the animator creates the context for the first two conditions to exist
  2. the sound designer represents these conditions with sound
  3. the audience then process the sound to derive meaning.

So what’s audiation?

Well … Sound can also be experienced as a part of our thoughts – Blimey!!!

How and when can that happen – a quick example…

It’s  a psychological process known as audiation and we all do it!

When you sit and read a book to yourself, the words sound in your head although there is no actual physical noise to accompany them.

Just as animators visualise their visuals, composers and sound designers can also conceptualise elements of the soundtrack through the process of audiation.

e.g Voice over (in the first person) allows us to hear the interior thoughts of a character, an example of scripted audiation.

Spacial Awareness.

The Position within the stereo field can be utilised to greatly enhance projects and simple panning controls can be used to great effect.

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