The Radio Edit Session

These are the raw wav files that you can download and import into Ableton for editing just click the link below and we’re off!


1. After you have downloaded the files and imported them into Ableton you’ll need to know what to do with them – I will have already been through this exercise with you in the session so these videos are really just a refresher to make sure that you have understood everything. I recommend that you perform these whole exercises at least twice as by doing that you will not only get much faster but will come to rely far less on the videos to prompt you. That way you will have time to experiment more with things that you will discover along the way.

Editing The Music Track Tutorial Video.

2. You will notice that the voice over is longer than the prescribed 30 seconds so we need to look at what we can lose to remedy this. We need to edit out some unnecessary lines so as to keep the client message even more focussed but also at the correct duration.

Editing The Voice Over Tutorial Video.

3. You already have the wav track for the sound FX so have some fun messing about with them – you won’t even need a tutorial video for that by now as (hopefully) you’ll be feeling more confident.

But just in case ….

Don’t forget that Ableton is a great piece of software for editing soundtracks for all of your video projects so once you can use this you have a much more powerful sound editing environment than is provided by the video packages you currently use.