recording voice-overs in room 309

Recording voice overs in Room 309

Download the PDF below

recording voice-overs in 309

Easy steps:

  • Get the key for Room 309 from TRC
  • Log in to computer at far end of the room
  • Launch Ableton Live
  • Check that the first audio track (not midi) has a number 1 in the input box – situated just to the right and slightly below the box labelled audio 3
  • Put on the white headphones
  • Put Ableton into record using the record controls at the top of the screen
  • Speak into microphone – you should see a waveform appearing in the timeline.
  • Export track from the file menu
  • Save it and you should then be able to import it into Ableton in room 106
  • After importing the file make sure that warping is turned off.



That’s it!


Try to get a good performance i.e you need to sound like you believe in your product so keep it enthusiastic and don’t record any pages turning.


Have fun :)