Computer faults – tell us about it!

We are always trying to improve your student experience so if you should have a problem with one of our computers, please let us know.
please note: this is not a replacement for the I.T helpline as you should always flag issues directly with them first.

The information submitted in this form will be used primarily to help us monitor and identify any recurring problems or issues more effectively. We thank you for your input.

Guidance when filling in the form:
Please try to remember to include as much relevant information as possible regarding:
a) What you were trying to achieve at the time when the fault manifested itself.
b) exactly what condition is currently preventing you from achieving your aims – an example could be
‘when I try to launch Ableton Live a text box appears asking me for an admin password’.

Please fill in all fields on the form e.g machine number (usually located on the back of the monitor).