About Jo

Having earned a HND in Interactive Design at Edinburgh College, Jo is now in her 1st year at Northumbria University in Newcastle studying Interactive Media Design. She likes fonts, avocados and musicals and she hates velvet.

Her role in this website

My contributions to this project include the creating the content for ConsistencyLearnability and Predictability. Including and formatting the examples. I also wrote most of the Development page as well as being the main person in editing our chosen theme to include our content and ensuring links work.

What she learned

This project really allowed me to explore WordPress more than before. Having previously contributed to a regular blog hosted by WordPress, I was familiar with the general structure of the Dashboard, but this project saw the first time I had to work out about editing, layout, menus and widgets. I still hold the opinion that WordPress is unnecessarily complicated but this project I can now see the benefits of designing in WordPress and handing over editorial capacities to a client rather than doing their entire website in HTML. As with many group projects one of the difficulties is managing three different schedules to achieve tasks. Despite these difficulties (and with the help of Facebook Messenger!) we overcame our scheduling conflicts and worked well together as a team.