In each of the design areas examined, you should find an example of where this principle is applied well and where it is applied poorly. Other than the websites mentioned, countless websites were visited to assess their suitability be added to our findings.


MAMP stands for MAC, Apache, MySQL and PHP.

WAMP is Windows,  Apache, MySQL and PHP.

They are both open source platforms to host websites from a Mac or Windows machine. MAMP will only work with a machine operating a MAC Operating System, whereas a WAMP will solely work on a Windows OS. The ‘A’ of each platform stands for Apache which is the web server. MySQL is a database that acts as a rational management system. And a PHP is a scripting language which is used in web development.

Site Design

We looked at two different themes before deciding on our chosen one: OnePage Express Theme.

The first theme was Unicode Lite, it felt really clunky and too corporate. We very nearly used the second theme, Astrid but it didn’t give us the flexibility or hierarchy that we needed.

OnePage Express allows for an almost drag and drop experience (fairly unique on WordPress!) The Lite version gave us limited options for customisation – such as changing colours and fonts – but these draw backs were overshadowed by the overall design and structure of the template.