About Ben

Ben is studying his first year at Northumbria University after finishing his A Levels at Durham Sixth Form Centre. He generally spends his pastime running through multiple series on Netflix or playing video games with friends.


His role in this website

I mostly worked on the general upkeep of the website and took part in the choices regarding the some of the design and content research. I also wrote the Feedback, Accessibility and Perceivability pages.


What he learned

After hearing how popular WordPress was but not having a project that could take advantage of it’s feature set I wanted to see what it was capable of. It seemed a very powerful tool that if used properly it could be used well to accomplish the team goal of making an accessible website that everyone could use to learn 6 principles of visual design. Using 3rd party means (Facebook Messenger) we could communicate our development process. I learned to communicate with a group and apply that web design.