We used a wordpress website to create our site for this project. This was run from the domain on trevsfiles.com and could also be accessed through our own server using the MAMP software.

We used a wordpress theme for our website that fit into the conventions of principles of interaction design. This included making it user friendly as well as fully accessible for all.

We were able to customise our site to our own preference by adding specific pages on the wordpress dashboard. This was done by clicking on ‘pages’ on the left hand side menu and selecting ‘add new.’ Furthermore, plugins could be downloaded and installed through wordpress to customise our site even more.

We have included a feedback and contact form which was embedded into the site in various pages using the plug in feature. This helps to represent the ‘feedback’ aspect of our project.

Overall, wordpress is a very functional and useful website to use for creating a website. It is easy to customise as well as add pages and posts as well as media such as photographs and videos.