Good Web Design- Netflix

The Netflix website is designed for a very large target audience, therefore it is very user friendly and very simple to navigate around. The website provides a clear overview of what it offers to users through different sections of the website. These include: recommended for you, most popular and recently added as well as different genres including comedy, romance and adventure. The website also provides a useful search bar tool where you can easily find what you are looking for. Furthermore if Netflix does not offer what you want to watch it will find a similar title to the one you have searched for. Compared to other websites of its genre, Netflix is designed to a very high standard, it is of a similar design to Youtube and Amazon Prime Video and has a very clear theme and good coordination. The content on Netflix is maintained to a very high standard. The website is updated weekly with new shows and films and is constantly monitoring your most watched and favourites to recommend you more. In terms of pace, the site is very fast, relying on a good wifi connection, as well as good quality.

Bad Web Design- Penny Juice

This is a website promoting a product to a wide variety of audience. The person responsible for designing this website appears to be the owner of the product who may not have very much experience in design and promoting usability. The colour scheme of the website is very alarming which can be off-putting to a potential customer. Furthermore, this website is not user friendly in the fact the tabs for each page are inconveniently placed causing confusion and frustration. The site appears to be very outdated as the graphics suggest it is not constantly monitored and developed. None of the images illustrate specific points and are merely there for decoration.