This is a good example of a website because the design company show who they work for, so their clients and what the company does for them.¬†They also tell you what the company is about and ways to contact them. The website isn’t simplistic but its not had a lot of work put into developing the website. If I was to improve this website I would include work and tutorials of what the company has produced for their clients. Everything is very easy to read as the text is all in the same font, while the background that helps the text to stand out is also very smooth. Photographs of the user interacting with the iPhone is also very clear and in high quality. The website has a lot of white space between each section so that it is easier for the viewer to read and know where to look. You can tell the website is reliable and legit because they talk about your privacy and how they won’t take any of your details while you visit their site. There is also no fake advertisements asking you to buy a product so the company that own the website take care of it and keep their website up to date.

This is a bad example of a website because the information is all over the place so it is difficult for the viewer to find what they are looking for. There is too many bright colours on the page so it attracts the eye to more than one place, so it is very distracting for the viewer as they will want to read something else straight away. On this website there is a lot of advertisements which doesn’t make the site look very reliable and trust worthy, it will make viewers think if there is any viruses. The advertisements don’t look legit and and they’re also presenting a few fake advertisements where it says “free”. The text is very bold all over the website so the site doesn’t concentrate on one subject and it doesn’t say what the purpose of the site actually is.