Personal reflection- Rebecca:

Overall, this project has been very helpful in introducing me to the principles of interaction design. Coming from a visual design background, previously I have been more involved in the physical design and look of a website rather than being able to build one. Introducing me to the principles of interaction design has  really helped me understand what makes a good website and this is something that I hope to carry through with me throughout my degree.

My personal role in the project initially involved explaining what our project was about and then carrying out initial research into good and bad website design. In terms of good website design I chose to look at Netflix, one of the most popular video streaming sites in the world, and for an example of bad website design I looked at an American juice company called Penny Juice. These two sites helped inform my decision and influenced our own website when analysing its production and how it would fit into the key principles of interaction design which were Accessibility, Consistency, Perceivability, Learnability, Predictability and Feedback.

Following on from this I then researched into web design standards and how we could conform to these standards when creating our site.I visited the official website for web design standards and found out that they are put in place to ensure consistency and suitability for all.

I then began researching into 3 of the principles of interaction design which were Learnability, Predictability and Feedback. Learnability is designing a site in order to make it easy to learn how to use. Through research, I found out that it is crucial to conform to a specific design when helping enable learnability as it is important to  stick to what people know. Secondly, through research into predictability, I realised that learnability and predictability go hand in hand and predictability is all about and conforming to predictability is all about creating a site that doesn’t need explained to its user. Finally, the last principle that I researched into was Feedback. This is a very important feature of any website as it ensures that the website can respond to user feedback and grow and improve. Therefore I decided to add a feedback form to our website so that users can communicate any thoughts or questions that they have.

In conclusion, this project has been very engaging and I have really enjoyed it as it is completely different to anything that I have done before. I feel like I fully understand the principles of interaction design and can now apply them to any projects I have in the future including when I have to fully code a website from scratch in my second semester.

Personal reflection- Beth:

The project was useful to me as it showed me what needs to be taken into consideration when creating a good website. What I researched specifically regarding this was accessibility, consistency, perceivability and visual hierarchy. These are key principles that we expressed on our website.  I also looked at an example of a good web design and a bad web design and expressed my feelings about them. I felt that Lings Cars was a very interesting example as it is made to be how it is to create a marmite effect.

I also personally explained why downloading MAMP / WAMP was important to our project. Before doing this project i had no knowledge of this software. i know know that is a useful tool for development and testing purposes in speeding up the process and lowering troubleshooting problems.

Creating the project on WordPress was easy as i felt it was perceivable in how to edit your website. While doing this i could see how my research on the key principles had helped us create a useful, easy to navigate, website.

What was important when creating our website was that we planned out what each member was adding to the website. I believe that we did this well with a colour coded plan. We also communicated well as a team to organise a time and a place to record our video walk-through.

Personal reflection- Jack:

Throughout this project I have developed my skills on how to design and create a website using WordPress, which has given me a better understanding of the principles of interaction design. During my school career I was very passionate with art and IT, coming from these backgrounds I realised that interaction design was the course for me because these two subjects are relevant to the course.

I have researched what makes a good and bad website so I have a better understanding of what I should and shouldn’t aim for in the future. I thought that the Positive Image website was very reliable and professional and it shows a good demonstration of what a good website should look like. Whereas a bad website I found that Jamilin wasn’t very appealing and wouldn’t catch the viewers eye. These two sites influenced our own website and we had to focus on the key principles of interaction design which were Accessibility, Consistency, Perceivability, Learnability, Predictability and Feedback. All of these key areas are very beneficial when producing a website so that it is professional and clear for everyone that views it.