Good web design – Topshop

I believe that Topshop’s website is an example of a good website as it has well structures pages and a clear menu. This allows users to easily navigate the website. It is also regularly updated to display the everchanging offers and styles released which are displayed clearly to pulls people in. The products displayed on this site are shown using professional imagery that are structured in a consistent manner. What is also a great addition to the site is that you can easily refine the search to give users a much smoother experience on the site to finding what they want.

Bad web design – Lings Cars

I feel that this site has tried to attract customers by going for a sort of marmite effect. It is so crazy that you either love it or you hate it. I personally hate it. It goes against many practises that you should follow when creating a good website. Everything clashes on this site especially the background which is random and too busy. With the menu down the side it also follows an unfamiliar structure to anything else. The site does not look professional and with the home screen so full with information, it puts me off going any further in this site.