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Rebecca Symonds

Hello, my name is Rebecca and I am a first year Interaction Design Student at Northumbria University. Coming from a visual design background, this project has really challenged me and introduced me to the principles of interaction design, specifically producing a website which I didn’t have very much experience in before this project! In my spare time I am a classical soprano singer in a local choir and also enjoy singing solo, holding a Grade 8 distinction in classical voice as well as performing at various weddings and events including charity fundraisers for charities such as the British Red Cross. I was also lucky enough to perform alongside Take That in 2015 as part of their ‘These Days’ tour.

Beth Clayton

Hey, my names Beth. I am currently a first year interactive design student at Northumbria University. I want to follow a career in design as I enjoy being creative and challenged. I have had limited experience in creating websites in the past so I feel that this project has gave me much needed knowledge in what you need to take into consideration during the development of a website.  I am looking forward to future projects within my course, expanding my portfolio and establishing where exactly I want to go within the design sector.

Jack Banks

Hello, My name is Jack and I am currently a first year student at Northumbria University studying Interaction Design. I am very passionate about design and I’ve had experience with working for a few design companies that focus on mobile and video platforms, for other companies such as Vodafone and Volvo. However although I have been shown how to design and create websites before, I have never learn’t how to make the website work using softwares such as WordPress. Being introduced to the Principles of interaction design has really enhanced my skills with digital design, because throughout my School career I’ve always been in a Fine art background. Now is the time for me to digitalise my ideas and designs because technology is always evolving. In my free time I enjoy travelling and exploring a variety of different places with friends, while also capturing the environment with my camera and looking back and editing the photographs.

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