Due to this being a group project, we have been asked to dedicate a page to our individual contributions to the website. This is what we have done to develop the website as it is, and will reflect upon the website itself.



My first contribution to designing the website was choosing the theme. It was an important choice to make as it would have influenced what visual identity we wanted the site to have, and how we would have input information into the site. With the theme we chose, it enabled us to feature the main research points in a nice format, as well as profile pictures of our team, followed by a contact section at the bottom. This home page was developed by both team members, however I mainly worked on the header image and contact sections.



Header Images

I also managed the header images of each other page on the website, making sure that they directly linked to the contents of that page. For example, our individual profile pages have a header image the team members, as it is about our contributions to the website.




Although it is something that doesn’t really stand out on the website and was not required in the brief, I felt like a logo was important to have as it gave our site an identity. It is a combination of the team members initials, S and D. Not only is it featured on the menu bar so it is always able to see, I have also set it as the site icon in the tab bar of the browser.



Topic Research

In our team, we decided to individually work on one of the research pages, of which I completed the topic research. By exploring different websites and articles I was able to understand the more descriptive details of what went into making a good website, focusing on Accessibility, Usability and Visual Design. From all this secondary data, I was then able to write my own perceptions of what I thought went into making a good website. After learning and understanding all of this, we were then able to implement this as a team in the rest of the website.




One of the key areas we had to complete in our website was the development page. In here it lists the different stages we went through as a group into creating our website, ranging from choosing the theme to recording the audio for our video walkthrough. I was able to manage the explanations of each stage providing pictures and screenshots to accompany them, in order to show the development in making the website.




For the video walkthrough, it was my job to make the audio sound more professional. This was done using the software Ableton Live 9, which is one of the leading sound editing softwares. I was able to cut out most of the background noise using a noise gate, which cuts out any noise underneath a threshold of a sound wave, whilst still keeping the louder noises (in our case the talking) clear and unedited. From here each description was exported individually ready for Danny to import them into the video editing software.





What did I learn?

From completing this project, I have learnt a number of things, the main being that I now know how to use WordPress to design a website, something that I had never done before. Although it took a while to get used to the layout and actually editing the pages, I eventually got used to it and now I feel like I can use it well, and have tried adding additional coding since such as page anchors. As well as this, I have also learnt in detail the features that can make up a good website, such as the accessibility and usability. This is definitely something that will be applicable to many other projects that are set in the future.


What would I improve on?

As for the website I am very happy with it, and I feel like it has developed a good all round basis for a website. Although this is the case there are a couple things I would have liked to improve on if the time and resources were available. For the images and screenshots featured in the pages, it would be better if they could be bigger or included in a slider so that they could be seen more clearly. As well as this, the margins either side of the text limit how much can be seen on the page, so it would have been useful to learn the code and give more space for the content.