What do they mean?


MAMP and WAMP are both methods of hosting a server locally on your own system. WAMP stands for Windows, Apache, MySQL and PHP. MAMP stands for the same but with Windows being replaced by Macintosh. The Macintosh orĀ  Windows variant specifies the type of system the server will be hosted on. Apache is an open source and community developed software used for the hosting of the servers, MySQL is an open source system for database management and PHP is a scripting language designed for web development. However, the P can also stand for Python and Perl which are also scripting languages for web development.


The second image shows the incredibly simple interface for managing your server once you had set it up. Using the application you can easily stop or start your servers and begin hosting your website locally on your system.



Why are they useful?


MAMP/WAMP servers served as a useful tool in the development of our website for this assignment. WordPress was a website development tool I previously had no experience with, MAMP/WAMP acted as a useful for allowing our team to learn how to use WordPress without affecting our assignment site. Having our own site meant that we were able to experiment with WordPress and better understand how it works which meant that when it came to developing our assignment site we were able to create a higher quality site than if we had started having not had time to practice.