December 30, 2017

What have we learnt?

So what have we learnt?

Throughout the process of building our own online website we’ve learned about many key elements surrounding web design. The main ideas we have addressed are web standards, conventions , usability, accessibility, learnability, perceivability and visual hierarchy.

Researching around these areas we’ve realised that to make a desirable website all these components must be portrayed on the site. Learning that there has to be a balance of these features in a site has lead us to producing, in my eyes, a successful website.

From the outset of the task we were placed into small groups, our team made up of me (Joel), Jay and Rebecca. All coming from different design backgrounds we had to quickly learn how to accept and build off each others ideas. I think we have done this very well, splitting the work load into 3 parts, allowing us to all contribute an equal part was beneficial and meant there was no upset in the group and we where able to work at a constant and efficient pace.

We have also learnt how to use new types of software such as MAMP, Camtasia, and WordPress. Throughout the process it has been interesting to get to know and learn about these bits of software.