October 12, 2017

Joel Pugh

The Perfect Site

The Apple web page is undoubtably the most visually pleasing website to date, the engaging way you scroll through pages, makes the whole user experience incredibly immersive

The thing that makes the website an enjoyable experience for me is the visually pleasing assets, such as the gorgeous images, so subtle but incredibly impactful. I think the simplistic layout makes the whole user experience easy, and enjoyable.

The things I look for in a good website are :

  • An immersive experience
  • user friendly
  • simplistic design
  • purpose
  • Visually pleasing typefaces
  • Navigation
  • F pattern design


An Embarrassment…

Just looking at this website you can tell its prime example of poor web design. I believe it over looks the target audience as it should be aimed at a middle age audience, those who will be looking to buy fences and gates. I also think it lacks balance between design and content, by just looking over it you can tell its very content overloaded and not broken down by good design.

The menu bar along the left hand side is also very tightly design and compact, making it look jumbled and not very visually pleasing. The lack of structure is truly awful.