November 9, 2017

Local Server

A key part for developing our website was to set up a local server using MAMP. MAMP is an acronym of  MacOS (the operating system), Apache (the web server), MySQL (the database management system) and PHP which is all programming languages used for web development.

This is vital for the progression of our website because with a local server your computer contacts itself and returns the data back to the browser, this means we can work on creating our website even without Internet access. As a result it is faster to create and change files locally. Other ways setting up a local server is useful include seeing any changes made immediately as they don’t have to be uploaded to the remote server, we are able to conduct operations such as graphical debugging and we can use shell access.

Building our site locally first, allows us to test changes and new ideas to the website, its styling, and its database, without the risk of breaking the live site. This is extremely useful because trial and error methods are one of the main ways to developing a site.