December 13, 2017

Joel Pugh

On the whole, to me, the project was successful. Starting with researching the methods and practices proved very helpful when it came to designing the site, covering all the crucial aspects of web design throughout the process gave me a good incite into whats needed to complete a successful site. Studying graphic design at A level gave me a good incite into the actual design work. However never really had a full incite into the functions of web design, so I was immediately interested in the subject.

At the very start of the process we started off by researching what makes a good and bad website, and what key features help portray the perfect user experience. I found it very beneficial to compare what I think is a good and what is a bad website, this allowed me to then take aspects of the good website and place them into our own, making sure to leave out all the bad features. The good website I looked at had a very simplistic design and used matt colours to create an easy user experience, and this something I wanted to portray in our own webpage.

I have had previous experience with some of the software used in the project, for example MAMP, this piece of software was crucial in these circumstances, when theres three people working on a site its nice to be able to work offline, without the distraction of people changing ideas that you already had In your mind. The steps we took to our final page were very experimental, with trail and error being a key stage in our development process. I can now take my further knowledge of MAMP and exploit it in further web design projects.

I think looking into the principles of web deign made this project much easier, with he basic understanding of what key elements are needed to make a successful functioning web page. Looking further into a few key elements gave me a clear idea of what needed to be achieved. The main one I concentrated on is Userbility, I thrive on a simplistic easy to use interface and with the understanding of the User concepts it allowed me to push forwards quickly and put the methods into practice. Another of the key elements I found beneficial to the project was Consistency, to have a site that looks professional it needs to be consistent, with the same design throughout, if the site is all jumbled and cluttered it makes it hard for the user to navigate through.

In conclusion, this project has been very beneficial to me, and has given me a good incite into the practices of web deign, and the principles needed to create a successful page. I think the project was a nice way for use to show our understanding of the principles, instead of just writing an essay on our findings. I found it hard at the start to take in all the information given to us, however once I started uploading the information to the page it made it easier for me to grasp an idea of what I wanted to do.

If I was to complete the project again, I would look further into the overall theme of the page, and maybe progress to some more advanced functions on the page, however for my first project like this, I am very happy with the outcome.