December 12, 2017

Group Conclusion

Building this website started as a challenge for our group as it required skills we hadn’t yet learnt, however, as the weeks progressed we started adapting current skills and developing new ones to make this process smoother and easier. The main challenge we had to face was downloading and installing MAMP in order to let our site work offline but after thoroughly researching around the topic, we were able to successfully understand it and install it properly. After doing this we realised it was a vital skill that we needed to learn for our own portfolio websites or other websites we make in the future as it also allows us to see any changes made immediately as they don’t have to be uploaded to the remote server.

Our team worked really well together as we each had different strengths we could use to our advantage for different areas of the site. We continued to work on our site in our own time as well as studio time therefore communication was vital to assign different roles on what was still needed to complete. One problem we did have to face as a group though, was that we are a group of designers so it was hard to decide who would create the logo for the page. We managed to get around this, however, by each creating one and voting on our favourite.

Choosing the theme was difficult to begin with as there was a huge selection of very different options, we tackled this by downloading contrasting themes then seeing how they work with the site. We chose our current theme because it has a clean and simplistic feel to it which is what we want our website to convey.

In conclusion, we believe that this project has been very useful in helping us to understand the principles of interactive design as it takes us through the steps to build a website (a vital skill for this creative field) in a way that is easy to follow/understand as well as allowing us to build team working skills in the process.