Our project has been based around questioning and analysing the main features of Interaction Design (IxD). We have found that accessibility, consistency, perceivability, learnability, predictability and feedback are all involved in making a website not only functional but in also making them enjoyable.


Usability is about making a website as user-friendly as possible. Websites that are slow to load, ugly to look at, and difficult to navigate will drive visitors away therefore it is an essential factor to consider.


Web accessibility is designing a website that everyone can use, including people with disabilities. Websites that are well designed will work with assistive technology, e.g. screen readers for people who are blind.


Consistency means common user interface elements (Company Logo, Site navigation etc) are in the same place, so when visitors navigate through the website they know where the elements will be found.

A key part for developing our website was to set up a local server using MAMP. Using a local server is extremely useful as it allows us to see changes immediately, conduct graphical debugging and use shell access.

About us

We are a small group of students from Northumbria University tasked with creating a website to portray the ideal browser experience. We aim to address a few major elements within a website, such as accessibility, consistency, perceivability, learnability, predictability and feedback. We then aim to link all these features into our own web page to create the ideal user experience.


who are we? Come meet the team.

Joel Pugh

Project Manager
Hey, Im Joel. As a key player within this website I aim to connect and portray My ideas of the perfect browser experience. I come come from a small Village about 20 minutes outside of Newcastle, and been born and raised in the country side.

Rebecca Williams

Project Manager
Coming straight from A-level fine art, interactive design seemed daunting at first. However I’m enjoying the challenges it has to offer. It allows me to use and input my artistic skills such as painting and drawing to help me exceed in this creative¬†field!

Jay Narin

Project Manager
Being a designer, specialising in 3D modelling, im trying to branch out and experience as many new ways of design as I can.

We developed our site by experimenting with wordpress, theme plugins and different layouts to create the most functional and responsive site that is easily transitioned to other platforms.