Will Hartley

In this project I undertook the task of creating, designing and completing a website based around Website Accessibility. One specific role I was assigned was the choice and adaptation of the theme, making it appropriate for the site that we were creating. I sourced, uploaded and resized all of the images on the sight, making sure they were royalty free. I enjoyed the challenge of dealing with the theme and editing it through wordpress, adapting it so it presented the work in the best way. My group distributed the tasks for the site evenly between each of the three members and I completed the ‘Visual Hierarchy’ and ‘Percievability’ headings under the research tab. I also then created a script for our camtasia walkthrough, detailing every aspect of the finished website. I learned a lot from this site, with it being my first full attempt of creating a good looking, easy to navigate site. I also enjoyed working in a team and really feel we shared the burden of the project evenly, communicating clearly about what needed doing and when.