Web Standards

The evaluation of a good and bad website:

When creating a website it’s important to understand the do’s and don’t. From the evaluation below you can clearly see the differences between each website and what makes them different.


The good example below is: http://99u.com/


The website above is a design website which features the latest news and articles in design and technology. Such as Interviews, conferences & talks, and much more. The website is extremely functional and the homepage’s layout is easy to follow and navigate. From the homepage, you can easily access the navigation which features a list of links to each category. When scrolling through the homepage the navigation is sticky and follows the user while they navigate which is useful for the user to access all the pages without having to scroll back to the original navigation at the top of the page. The appearance of the website is not overpowering. The colour palette and font which is used on the website is easy to read which makes it easy for users to consume information without struggling to read or follow the website. When scrolling through each section the website follows a fixed boxed layout which are all links to different articles, interviews or conferences. In the top left corner, it tells the viewer what section it is. Which is useful for Viewers who are looking for specifically interviews, articles, books etc.
When searching on the website it brings up a fullscreen type section. The font is bold and easily viewable for all users. It’s different and refreshing compared to old basic search bars.
On the Conference page, it shows the next conference in bold across the screen making it the first thing viewers see when they access the page. This is good marketing as it makes sure that anyone interested or viewing the conference page will definitely see their next conference. They have a featured brand video on the website to try and attract the audience to their conference. As well as show important information viewers may want to know about the conference such as the agenda, Overview, Location, FAQ etc.
Overall I think that 99u is a powerful website for design and as a design website needed to be extremely functional, accessible, and informative without confusing the users. Although one issue I have found with the website is the space between all the article boxes. All the boxes are too close together and can overwhelm users when navigating through articles.


The bad example below is: http://www.suzannecollinsbooks.com/

The website above is the official website of Suzanne Collins who is the author of many successful books such as The Hunger Games. The Hunger Games series has sold millions of copies and is known worldwide, even though her website is poorly constructed. On the homepage, you can see the simple layout and basic design. The website doesn’t have any layout and has images featured all over the website with no meaning. The navigation on the website is featured in the top right corner and can be missed for new viewers on the website. There’s a lot of blank space on the website. The colour palette which is used on the website is basic and uses different shades throughout the website. Similar to the font, the san-serif body is hard to read and should be bigger. Especially with the welcome section on the homepage. I personally think that the website isn’t very functional as the navigation is too small and isn’t inaccessible space. The website doesn’t help advertise her work or give much insight to biography. More specifically images have been stretched when cropped which makes the images distorted and hard to read. For a world-famous author, the website doesn’t look professional or reflect the author.