There are a bunch of different ways the user’s experience can be improved on the website. This includes using certain plugins. One of the main features which are available with WordPress is the usefulness of plugins. There are 1000’s of different functions and plugins which can be added to a WordPress website to make it more functional and accessible to all types of users, including users with disabilities. It’s important that users with disabilities can perceive, access and more important navigate the website. Web accessibility makes sure that it can encompass for all disabilities such as speech, visual, and cognitive. Millions of people suffer from disabilities when using the web.
When creating a website it’s important to understand website accessibility when building the website. This allows developers to develop the website for all users with disabilities, for example, blind users will need speech to understand and navigate the website. This could be inputted through a media players.

A good example of a WordPress Plugin which improves the user’s accessibility would be WP ACCESSIBILITY (By Joe Dolson):
This plug-in helps with a variety of common accessibility issues in a WordPress theme.