When developing the website, we started with experimenting with WordPress and ensuring that we were familiar with it. After our lecture showed us that we would be using WordPress for our website we each opened up the we software and began testing with it to familiarise ourselves with it and figured out how we will be able to customise the website to our liking and add all the pages and navigation bar that we needed. We feel this went well and was very important as it helped us get prepared and ready for our project.

We then worked together to find a theme for our website. We searched websites that had themes for WordPress ready to download and install. After searching different websites and switching between a few different themes over the course of the project we eventually decided on one and stuck with it. We then further developed this by changing how the home page was laid out so that we could have important pages and our user profiles featured.

When all of that was done we then spread out the work that we will do between all three of us so that it was even and efficient. We started working on our parts of the project checking in with one another to ensure that it was good and going well. We feel one improvement we could of made on this was managing our time better as there were some weeks where we were incredibly efficient and other weeks where we were not so efficient work wasn’t done at a good rate.

Overall we feel our project turned out good and all the right information was put onto the website and we worked very well together ensuring that everyone contributed an equal amount of work to the project as a whole.