Bad website

Functionality on this website is absolutely awful, there is so much going on that you cannot find your way around, you don’t have a clue where to look first. There is no organisation to where things are, they have just been dumped in spare space, this makes it very hard to find what you are looking for.

There is no accessibility on this website, no alt. text so people that cannot see and use a screen reader that reads information on a page out loud, they wont be able to hear what the picture is. Some people cant use a mouse, including older users. An accessible website doesn’t rely on the mouse, it provides all functionality via a keyboard which this website does not.

The appearance of this website is horrific, there is no order or alignment, there is no colour ways or consistency through the design either. People wont look at this website for long because they will be put off and go to a different website.

Good Website

The Functionality is really good on the Samsung website, there is a clear bar at the top which helps you navigate around the different pages, then there is a search bar in the top right corner to help you even further if you cannot find something. You can clearly see what text is with what picture and the buttons are obvious.

Accessibility is excellent. The text, backgrounds and images contrast very clearly which makes it easy to read or observe. There is alt. text on all the images which helps people that cannot see because it can be read out for them then. Also you can navigate around the website using the keyboard which is great.

Finally the appearance is very appealing. It is nothing complex however it is clean and crisp, which is why it is so easy to navigate around. Because the website looks nice it means people will stay on and look for longer at their products.

Good Website

is an example of a well rounded, fuctional user website, as a result of its massive success it has obviously had a lot of time and money put into making it as user friendly and well designed as it is today.  Functionality is probably its best trait, there are only a handful of interfaces which make navigation very easy and can be picked up in a matter of minutes. Youtube is essentially the search engine of videos on the internet and Is the go to website for anything related be it music, media or just general information as well as lots of creative and entertaining content.

Accessibility is stellar, once the user selects a video to watch the suggestion bar loads up plenty of related and relevant videos which is excellent for exploring more of similar content.

Appearance is iconic as a result of the platform being around for so long, the logo and general look of the site has stayed the same as a rule throughout the years with some modernising updates here and there but the classic black white and red has stayed a constant.  Anyone could recognise the identity at first glance. the rest of the layout is very neat and everything is where one would expect it to be.

Bad Website

Our second example of a bad website is uglytub, a website focussed on cleaning products to restore bath tubs and other things that might be found in the bathroom, in terms of functionality the website is not up to standard many of the pages appear unfinished and by clicking on certain buttons the user receives and error page or something saying it cannot be found. Also the sites online store isn’t even using the same domain, on top of this it looks even worse than the original website with a very plain text layout and few phone quality images. This all scream unprofessional and would actually have an adverse effect not only on the users experience but also on the company themselves and likely cause a lower amount of sales for the products being sold.

Accessibility is also quite poor with a lot of the buttons being completely redundant or as said before leading to ‘dodgy’ external sites or just error pages.

Appearance is definitely the worst element of the site with almost all the images being low mobile phone quality and any that are of a higher quality have large watermarks which again calls into question the professionalism of the company.



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