What it is?

MAMP stands for Macintosh, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. It is an application you can install on your Mac which allows you to have access to a local PHP server and MySQL server. Essentially, MAMP gives you all of the tools you need to run WordPress on your machine, for development and testing purposes. MAMP installs a local server environment in a matter of seconds on your computer. It comes free of charge, and is easily installed. MAMP will not compromise any existing Apache installation already running on your system. You can install Apache, PHP and MySQL without starting a script or having to change any configuration files! Furthermore, if MAMP is no longer needed, just delete the MAMP folder and everything returns to its original state (i.e. MAMP does not modify any of the “normal” system).

How you set up your server

  1. Install MAMP from the MAMP website
  2. Launch it, enter your user nameand password, go onto preferences and then ports. Then on the web server you need to set a document root, where all your files will go for your server.
  3. From the MAMP start screen click “start servers”. the start up page should come up in your browser, click phpMyAdmin. Create a new database such as “word press”.
  4. Now download WordPress and unzip the download. Open up the folder and move all the files from the WordPress folder to your MAMP document root. Next run the WordPress installation. Go on your local site and enter a blog name, email address.
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