Hi there, my name is Luke Priest, I’m 23 years old and I’m from the North East of England. I study Interactive Media Design at Northumbria University, currently in my first year. I have a great love for video games, music and design, I enjoy learning to make websites and hope to run my own little business someday to create websites for other people! 

Hello my name is Caitlin Ross and I’m from Northern Ireland, I am currently on my first year at Northumbria University in Newcastle studying Interactive Media Design. I have some prior experience is designing apps and websites but I am mainly used to traditional art design so I am constantly learning new things during my course. I like to play video games and read in my spare time and I’d like to pursue a career in either IT or journalism.

Hey there, my name is Jordan Kelly. I’m a 19 year old first year student of Northumbria University’s Interactive Media Design course. Being someone who loves to play games, create digital art and consume media masterpieces (amongst other things) in my free time, designing products and services is something that comes naturally to me. Although I’ve never known exactly what sort of career I wish to pursue in the future, I’ve always chosen to follow the path which offers the most enjoyment yet also poses a challenge.