This project as a whole has been incredibly helpful with expanding my knowledge on what exactly makes a good website in all aspects. Throughout the website me and my group have created I’ve looked at good and bad examples of websites and other conventions that makes a website and a look into all the other important factors of a website such as web standards, accessibility, usability, learnability, perceivability & visual hierarchy. My main role in the creation of this website was the aesthetics, editing and implementing a fair amount of the content while the others did some research on all the different aspects and wrote it up. 

Throughout the creation of the website I found myself using various different bits of CSS code to make certain things work and to get rid of some unnecessary things on the default WordPress you start out with which was a good idea to do as it broadened my knowledge on some code that I can use in the future. 
I also used some plugins that made editing the pages, text and positioning such as Page Builder by SiteOrigin and Elementor, they were quite easy to use and made editing the website a lot easier. 

WordPress was great to create a website on, it makes it a lot easier if you don’t have much knowledge with creating a website out of code and it’s amazing that it’s completely free to use and still able to make very professional looking websites to a high quality standard. I gathered some better communication skills working within a group by discussing the website regularly and sharing ideas about what to include and such.