The first thing that was done was to set up each individual page required. After creating all of the pages, the menu and branching (including parent pages etc.) was next as we needed to make sure users could easily navigate to each page. Because of some technical issues, the parent headings in the menu (those like Research which has multiple sub -pages) were appearing and functioning as pages themselves. To fix this, we simmply changed them to custom links so that if they are clicked on, users aren’t navigated elsewhere. Only if you click on the sub-page are you taken to it.

This a look at the homepage to show which theme we used, it’s Sydney, free of use from the themes in WordPress. The background image was taken from a website that provides high quality images for personal and commercial use. The logo was made in Photoshop, and the navigation menu has the opacity lowered slightly as plain white didn’t look right.

After creating a background gradient in Photoshop and imported it to the website the content sections stayed completely white so had to try and find a fix for this. 

A fix for the white content background by using CSS code, the first line of code is for the opacity of the header. The second is for the white background on the content section to make it transparent and the third was to remove a black footer bar that was on the bottom of every screen. 

There was trouble changing the colour on the titles of each screen from black to white through WordPress and found out you need to use a code so every page was renamed with this code in it so it appears white. 

Showing what it looks like after the changes with the code and removing certain bits and the more transparent background under the text.

Using a plugin called Elementor to easily change text colour, font and size.

Noticed this problem when checking the page after it’d been completed where the text is showing beneath the header because of the transparency.

It was very annoying so the best thing to do was revert back to the plain white header so the text wasn’t visible beneath it, kind of takes away the aesthetic but something had to be done.