During the development of my groups word space website I helped co-ordinate with fellow group members by discussing thoroughly each members role as well as the main ideas for the websites lay out, content and plug-ins. We took in in turn to contribute ideas and get feedback from fellow members and once we were fully decided we went ahead with the development phase. I co-ordinated with fellow team members by carefully communicating and listening as well as downloading the same plug-ins so anything I contributed to the site with implemented perfectly and fitted the theme and style our team and the plug-ins created. My past experience with A-level Information Technology gave me prior and valuable knowledge regarding website creation, design as well as the principle of accessibility and the importance for inclusiveness for site users which I went through in great detail in the accessibility section of out website. I also helped in the discussing of fellow members about me section in the “Meet the Team” webpage of our site which ensured that that page as well as the other webpages and their design followed a cohesive layout and concise style/theme.  I also lent my input when discussing the videoing segment of our website assignment and discussing who the video and voice over should be conducted, does the script fit and who is most appropriate for doing the voice over.