Meet The Team

    A quick incite into who we are and some of our interests.

    Our project is a study into the key principles of web design with the aim of informing the design of our site.

    Our Research

    An insight into the research we carried out for the project

    Existing Website Evaluations

    A brief overview into existing websites - looking at percieveability, accessibility, usability, learnability, and web standards and visual hierarchy.

    What we implemented

    A summary of what we learned from our research into existing websites and how we applied this to our site.

    Looking at MAMP & WAMP

    For this part of our research, we looked at how to set up a local server, we looked at what the letters stand for, and also why the software is useful.


    The methods we used to determine the success of the website.
    Video walkthrough
    Personal reflection