Setting Up a Local ‘Live’ Dreamweaver Site

Right before we go to Dreamweaver we need to make sure you are all set up locally – let’s assume that you have already installed MAMP and have downloaded WordPress – first thing to do is open MAMP it’ll be in your applications folder – don’t bother with MAMP PRO just stick to the normal free MAMP – launch the application.


Make sure that the servers are running and click the link to go to the start page. Once here look at the menus along the top, locate tools and select phpMyadmin – this is where your databases are managed but don’t worry you don’t need to do much right now :)


See above image selecting phpMyadmin will take you to the page where you can create your database as shown below.

003_phpmyadmin2Give your database a name and remember the name – write it down you will need this later – make it easy to remember – no spaces use an underscore if you like but NO SPACES. Click on the databases tab and you should see the next graphic.


Name your database I’ve called mine trevs_site ¬†as shown below :)


OK let’s go to your htdocs folder – its located inside the MAMP folder inside your applications folder – make a folder for your site – I called mine trevs_site – it’s not a bad idea to drag the htdocs to your favourites as you’ll use it quite often.


Right time to open Dreamweaver and click the site menu then New Site

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 13.59.26

Next you need to create the site and then set up a local server – just click to add a site and give it a name – the following graphics will walk you through the info I added yours will be slightly different but I think very straightforward. Don’t forget to keep saving your settings :)


You need to specify Local/Network and where your local site is located (inside the htdocs folder. Your web address will be localhost:8888/thenyoursitename


Now select the server model which is PHP/MySQL in the advanced tab.


enter your local info … nearly there :)


This next step is VERY IMPORTANT – deselect remote which is selected by default and select local or it won’t work in Dreamweaver.

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 14.09.21

If everything has gone according to plan Dreamweaver will create your cache and you will be on your way :)