Pages Vs Posts

Posts and Pages.

WordPress has two main types of content, Posts and Pages. Understanding the similarities and differences between them, is important to create a well organised site.

O.K – What’s the difference then?

If you have material that is frequently updated then chances are it’s a post that you’ll be wanting to use, they often appear in featured sections or News sections in Magazines so that readers can always see the most current content. Recent posts generally push older posts down the page and this of course makes total sense.

You can organise posts by using various methods such as:
  • Categories
  • Authors
  • Tags
  • Date

This is good as it makes it makes for a better experience enabling readers to find relevant content quickly. The searching behaviour of the readers can also be re-used to create a more personalised experience.

Posts usually have comments and social media links and this is what makes things and indeed WordPress so powerful  i.e the ‘Social Web!’. No longer is the Web conversation one way,   writing content then publishing it and hoping other people will  read it is no longer the way it goes. Now because of comments and social links users can read your content and add their views to it and can then  take an integral  part in the conversation by adding their own comments/opinions and observations.I doesn’t stop there either as they can then share your content through their own social networks all the while communicating  with other users about the content that they share interest in on those social networks.


Usually contain information about the site normally permanent hard wired information – about contact etc. generally providing information to the visitors. They are usually organised into menus so that visitors can easily navigate the information.

The  normal place for providing links to pages are either in the Main Menu at the top of the site, the Sidebar menu or in the footer. WordPress lets you do pretty much anything you want with your content .Understanding  the difference between posts and Pages is a very important part of understanding how to use WordPress to it’s best effect.

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