Defining a local wordpress site

Having a local working version of your wordpress site can be very useful as  it means  you can test as much as you like without effecting  your online presence and of course it means you can also work without internet access. It’s really easy to do so I’ll walk you through the process here:

First thing to do is download the ‘MAMP’ installer.

Download MAMP Installer Here

OK what is MAMP?

MAMP stands for Macintosh, Apache, MySQL, and PHP and this is effectively what it puts on your machine. The good news is that it does it pretty much all by itself i.e all you need to do is download it (and it’s free) unzip it drag the MAMP  folder into your applications folder and then launch the application.

You should see a control panel like this:

Screen shot 2013-01-16 at 16.19.00

Start the Servers (mine is already started in this graphic – please note – it can take a while!  up to about a minute in fact , but you’ll see that both of the lights next to Apache Server and MySQL Server will light up green.

Click ‘Open start page’ and you should get a welcome page letting you know that everything is working. Note that the address begins with localhost:8888 remember that as that is where we are going to put your local wordpress installation.

Next we need to create a database – once again this is very straight forward just find the tab at the top that says phpmyadmin and select it. This is the place that deals with everything to do with the database(s) that you will be using. The good news is all you really have to do is create a new one so click the database tab and enter a name that you would like for your database. See video below You may have to make it full screen to see it properly and don’t forget to remember your chosen database name as you’ll need it later.

With your database name safely written down somewhere its now time to download and install wordpress and you can get it here:

Download WordPress here
Unless you change it in the MAMP control panel the default location for all of your sites are applications/mamp/htdocs

If you want to create multiple sites you can put each one in a different folder inside the htdocs folder but I’m just going to drag all of the files from the downloaded and unzipped wordpress folder straight into my htdocs folder.

Now if we go back to the address localhost:8888 it should show the first page of the wordpress installation – it will invite you to create a config file so click to do this. On the next page it will ask you for a few simple things the first being the name of your database which of course you wrote down somewhere for safety it will also ask you for username use ‘root’ for this (without the quotes) and for the password do the same i.e use ‘root’ no quotes. It should now let you progress to the final page where you can change your password if you like and thats pretty much it. You can add and install plugins in the usual way just as if you were on the internet but I’ll go over that in another tutorial.

Please note: the address to type into the browser  to access your local site is localhost:8888

more notes: possible issues on Mountain Lion you may get the warning that you can only install apps approved by Apple – if you encounter this just go into the preferences and change the default settings to enable downloads from anywhere. See screen shots below.

select your system preferences
select your system preferences
choose security and privacy settings
choose security and privacy settings
click to unlock and then choose the anywhere option
click to unlock and then choose the anywhere option
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