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Hello chaps now I know I’ve touched on this a bit already but here is a little more info on midi and more specifically midifiles so first of all read the pdf link below so you get a little more info about what midi is and what it does. If there is anything that you dont understand don’t worry about it just ask me and I’ll explain it.

It’s fine for you to use midifiles in your project but you will need to know how to edit them and remix them. I’ll do a session on editing audio and midfiles in a future session for now I want you to experiment and start making things i.e pieces of music and really thinking about sound – don’t whatever you do think – I’ll just do all my visual stuff first and then get around to the sound later – this would be a mistake! you need the soundtrack to edit your animation to. Doing it this way will yield better results.

Think about the pacing of your trailer – this is very important!

right here’s the pdf!

The .PDF: midifilesSession


More about Midi:

Well I never!!

A well known industry story about the making of the Jaws soundtrack reports that the original theme was actually inspired by the accidental dropping of a string sample onto a simple loop that involved only a bass drum and a rimshot. Instead of the drums being triggered the simple loop triggered the string sample instead and the basis of an idea was formed. The rest of course is history :)

Is it true?  – very probably :)

See a simple video approximation below

Midi and Jaws how it may have happened video 


In Class Exercise 1: 

Download the midi file for War Of The Worlds below and see what you can create  by triggering the various tracks using different instruments:

Right – here’s a video to show you how to get midi files into Ableton and how to get started mixing and editing them – have fun!!

Tutorial Video – getting started with Midifiles.

Right click the link below to download

the eveofwar midi file


In Class Exercise 2:

Follow this link and tell me as much about your project as possible – writing it down will help you evaluate it better yourself and make it easier for me to help you – win win :)


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