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Using sound the change context

Example of Using Sound To Change Context This is a simple piece of footage from a holiday resort it contains its own soundtrack which is basically the sound of the sea and some background music that was playing in the

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Sound and Visuals

Sound And Visual Information Sound is the most effective method for reaching audiences and touching them on an emotional level. Some Directors credit sound with being 50% of the image whereas others such as George Lucas believe it is more

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Midi Files Session

Well I never!! A well known industry story about the making of the Jaws soundtrack reports that the original theme was actually inspired by the accidental dropping of a string sample onto a simple loop that involved only a bass drum and

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Frequency Chart – very useful

These are some handy frequencies that will help you get the most out of your mixes soundDesignFrequencyChart

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workfiles midi

Midifiles tutorialsSound

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Ableton Live Work Files Session 1

These are a few files to get us started on looking at the Ableton Interface – Its all very simple and we’ll just look at a little bit of editing this week to get us started. workFilesSpies

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