Website Goals – The Oswin Project

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1.0 Goals

What is the mission/aims of The Oswin Project?

For ‘Oswinners’

  • To provide constant support in their journey from leaving prison to seeking and achieving employment
  • To offer supported training and the chance to gain qualifications
  • Provide an employment history of real employment with real employers
  • To offer support as Oswinners move to permanent employments
  • Help Oswinnners re-build their confidence in order to make a fresh start
  • To provide a genuine second chance as Oswinners rebuild their lives after a prison sentence.For the Community and Supporters
    • To reduce the cycle of re-offending which damages the inidividual, family, community as well as the economy.
    • To confront and tackle the causes of re-offending helping to reduce crime whilst creating a safer community
    • To help former offenders develop skills, gain qualifications and experience within the workplace
    • To engage former offenders in working life; giving self respect and the chance to become a valued member of society.What are the short and long term goals of the website?
    • To establish a web presence
    • To inform potential Oswinners and the wider community of The Oswin Project and the vision they have
• To attract new and potential work contractors that couldwork with Oswin and re-offenders.
• To keep the community and supporters up-to-date with current and future projectsWho are the intended audiences?• Potential Oswinners / past offenders
• Potential Contractors and building companies
• Update communities and supporters of current projects as well as future projects
• The press / media
• Potential volunteers / people wanting to contribute to The Oswin Project

Why will people visit the Oswin website?

• To research further into the Oswin trust
• To gain an understanding of what the project offers and how it is beneficial to former
offenders as well as the community
• Visitors can keep up-to-date with current building projects and how it is changing the face
of the local community
• Users can access the website to find out how they can
participate as an ‘Oswinner’ and how they can ‘apply’through relevant information on the site
• Building / labouring companies are able to understand
what the project offers and can learn how to participate

What image do you wish to portray?

  • That the Oswin Project greatly benefits the community, meaning the website is approachable and informative to all
  • How the Oswin Project makes a difference to Oswinners and others involved. This can be achieved through person- al stories and accounts along with supporting imagery.
  • A simple website that is aesthetically pleasing and infor- mative to those who are and are not familiar to the charity.
  • A charity that is able to tranform individual lives as well aslocal communities.
  • The successful restoration and building work that the Os-win Project partcipates in.
  • A site that appears live and current; showing up-to-dateinformation, current projects and future events. This will also support the use of social media on the website.

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